With the president of Rockstar making it official that we have a GTA 6 coming our way, the next big questions that came from fans had to do with what we could expect from the sequel to GTA 5.

The good news is that Rockstar has already given us hints of their thinking process. He offered insight into how the game would start and believe or not it comes down to location. Depending on which city GTA 6 would be set in, it would drive the Rockstar team to deciding what kind of missions, characters and overall environment and storyline you can expect from the game. Heck it would even influence the soundtrack when you come to think of it.

Of course we have heard a lot about potential GTA 6 location. Those such as Cape Town might be easy to shoot down but rumors of GTA 6 being based in London seem believable. What do you think of a Snatch-style GTA 6? Would it be enough material to have GTA fans wanting a new version of the game come in as early as next year? Sound off in the comments below.

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