Project Scorpio is the next major gaming console to come from Microsoft and it looks set to be the benchmark machine for Grand Theft Auto 6. The sequel to GTA 5 has already been confirmed for development but the lack of progress update got many speculating that the game will arrive in 2020.

That is about 3 years from now and this got the rumors claiming that GTA 6 will debut on the Sony PS5. The successor to the PS4 is also expected to arrive in 2020 hence it is only right for Rockstar to launch GTA 6 on the platform.

Well, we beg to differ because we don’t see Rockstar jumping to the next-gen consoles right away. Like how GTA 5 was launched on the Xbox 360 and PS3 prior to arriving on the PS4 and Xbox One, GTA 6 will debut on the best current-gen platform before getting ported to the next-gen model.

The PS4 may have achieved the best sales figures but it is Project Scorpio that looks set to become the most powerful gaming console in this generation. As such, it is perhaps right to say that GTA 6 will be tailored for GTA 6 rather than the Sony PS4 or even PS5.

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