GTA 6 is without a doubt one of the most expected games of next year. That is of course if you believe all the leaks that came about showing the game apparently in production.

The news came about when a resume of one of the voice actors leaked with GTA 6 listed as one of the credits. While this clearly told us that the game had to be in production and a script ready in order for the voice actors being cast already. With that said you may want to get the bucket of water as this rumor looks to be done.

The latest word is that the GTA 6 related resumed which we were shown was apparently fake. Now this doesn’t neccessarily mean that there is no GTA 6 in production but it sure does squash rumors that there is any such game coming this year since it means we have seen absolutely nothing on the game to date.

The recent GTA 5 London mod is very interesting and hopefully such mods and DLC will keep us entertained in the wait towards a GTA 6. Fingers crossed it is not too far along.

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