Rockstar has already confirmed on the development of GTA 6 but they have yet to share on when the game will be ready to make its debut. However, recent leaks are able to give us a rough idea on when GTA 6 will be making its debut and the signs are all pointing to 2019.

Rockstar has said before that they have 20 years’ worth of idea implanted in the game but they offer no details about it. What we are most interested in knowing is the location in GTA 6. Even the rumors are divided in predicting the location of GTA 6. Some have claimed the game to be set in Vice City whereas others suggest it to be a compilation of all three major locations that have features in the GTA series.

Well, we are now siding with Washington D.C as the prime location for GTA 6 and it is because of Donald Trump. The GTA series is all about making fun of everything American and there is no bigger joke in the US than the current president.

Having a fiction Trump being the focus in GTA 6 can do a lot of good to the series as there has yet to be a politically-biased plot. GTA 5 is about heists and GTA 4 is focused on mobs. GTA 6 can perhaps create a scenario where fiction Trump is the boss and you are running errands for the lad.

But of course, this is just our idea for GTA 6. Rockstar knows no borders when it comes to making fun of America and its pop culture hence you should not write off Washington D.C.

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