There seems to be no logic for Rockstar Studios to cease creating new content for GTA Online. With every new exciting supercar or yacht or equipment made, players have shown that they are more than willing to part with their cash.

Doing so has allowed the studio to rack up more than $500 million in revenue from microtransactions. Seeing that there are virtually no costs in crafting more content, all revenue turn to profits.

However, parent company Take-Two has said that GTA Online does have an expiry date, though it won’t be anytime soon. Unlike the single-player titles like GTA V and Red Dead Redemption, Take-Two doesn’t believe that GTA Online should go on indefinitely.

The word they are using for the game’s online arena is ‘rest’, meaning that any cessation would be a temporal one. GTA Online could either continue on for GTA VI or it could be rested and brought back again much further down the road. Either way, it is not going to be an indefatigable project.

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