Rockstar is far from done with making money off creating new content for GTA Online. The trailer for Further Adventures in Finance and Felony that continues from Executives and Other Criminals expansion has just been released and it’s very Fast & Furious-esque, for obvious reasons.

The update allows players to explore the life of organized crime by through the control and management of their own criminal enterprise network that’s based on peddling contraband goods.

It is making its way to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC along with a host of exciting new features and of course, stuff to buy.

Needless to say many among us are already psyched for this online expansion, though the complaints about there being a lack of DLCs for Grand Theft Auto 5 single player have not simmered down.

In fact, they’ve only grown louder – not because of the fact that people are forking out more cash for microtransactions but because they want to see more effort put into keeping the GTA 5 single player campaign alive.

When would players start getting tired enough of GTA Online that Rockstar would be forced to shutter it at least for a while? Or would the complainers remain an ignored vocal minority that would see the studio continue forging new content for GTA Online well into GTA 6?

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