Many Grand Theft Auto V players would be contented not having another sequel for as long as they continue getting more interesting new content from Rockstar for GTA Online, to the irk of other fans out there.

The developer has made a whopping $500 million from microtransactions on the game’s online platform, and is not going to stop unless players stop paying for every new DLC that comes out.

While voices from certain quarters are of discontent on how Rockstar has pulled a heist on gamers, a lot don’t mind throwing in extra cash for more shark cards that get them all the lavish content put out by the developer.

Rockstar has announced some upcoming content for GTA Online that will soon be ripe for the taking. The first allows players to take part in building a contraband trafficking business, and the second is more new equipment for in-game stunts.

Given how the Heists mode has worked out, the whole idea of building a criminal enterprise should hit the right notes with players. And stunts will always be a staple in GTA Online so offering more options is a no-brainer.

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