There’s a reason why Rockstar Studios is reluctant in fully committing to the development of Grand Theft Auto VI, and that is GTA Online.

The developer has been hard at work churning out new content for players to buy via in-game currency, and we know heists alone can’t get them all the new content that keeps surfacing. Hence, people start paying for Shark Cards.

Eventually, Rockstar has succeeded in accumulating revenue of about $500 million from GTA Online. Grand Theft Auto V has on the whole earned $3 billion since launching in late 2013, and microtransactions have played a major role in that achievement.

This payout from getting players to continue throwing cash at the game, however, doesn’t detract from the top quality of Grand Theft Auto V. In terms of retail sales, this latest installment has never not been in the top ten annual best-selling games chart in its entire existence.

Many players have voiced their dissatisfaction not with the fact that Rockstar is making big money from microtransactions, but for how the developer has not been bothered to release additional content for the game’s single player as a result of all the money-making from GTA Online.

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