Guardians of the Galaxy was a wild card when it first came out but it proved to be a real hit. Due for May next year is Vol.2, and after that we don’t know where the cast will be taken to thereafter given that the Marvel film timeline doesn’t include any more Guardians titles through 2020.

While filming is set to begin in several weeks, director James Gunn already confirmed that the post-credits scene for the Guardians sequel has already been written.

So what will the scene indicate? For now we don’t even know who the villain of the sequel would be. We’re sure it would not be Thanos. However, the link could be made to Avengers: Infinity Wars given how Thanos is set up to be the biggest baddie the Avengers will face.

Before Guardians Vol.2 will be Captain America: Civil War which is going to be a direct preview of Infinity Wars, so we may see the post-credits for Infinity Wars at the end of the upcoming Captain America title instead. Maybe the post-credits for Guardians Vol.2 is a preview to Thor: Ragnarok? We’ll see.

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