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Gwent Support For Console Gets End Date


Console Gwent players will have to switch platforms if they want to continue to play the game as the developer CD Projekt Red has announced that they will be ending the console support for the game.

In the latest post on their official website, it was reported that the developer has now decided to discontinue the PS4 and Xbox One version of the game to focus on the PC and mobile version.

They explain that the intention has always been about providing the same support for the console as the PC version but with iOS and Android coming soon, they have decided to focus on those instead due to their popularity.

The PS4 and Xbox One version will stay frozen from now onwards until it gets discontinued next year. For the players, they can copy their accounts to GOG and bring their progress over to mobile and PC version. They can do that from the 9th of December until the 9th of June.

However, only Xbox One players will be able to copy their Meteorite Powder.

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