Half Life 3 has been on everyone’s lips for years. In fact it is amazing that it has been going on for this long and we have yet to have an official announcement let alone release date for the expecting game.

Of course everyone expects the Half Life 3 release date announcement to come from Gaben himself if it ever does occur. Well it hasn’t happen and in fact he seems to be quite comfortable with it never happening. Or so we thought.

A photo has been circulating around the web which shows Gaben at what appears to be his office or home workspace. In the background you see his desktop and a very interesting wallpaper. By looking at the picture, you can see he is clearly trying to get a clear shot of what his wallpaper looks like. It is of course Half Life 3.

Now this is in no way a confirmation that we could see Half Life 3 but it is very interesting that a man who seems to be quite upset at the sound of Half Life 3 use it as a wallpaper which he sees day in and day out.

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