Fans have been waiting for Half Life 3 for years now and with every new announcement from Valve, they have been put on the edge of their seats only to be left disappointed shortly after.

Well now according to Dota 2, Valve has been working on a new game finally. Now before you say Half Life 3 release date, do note that this is one of those times again. And while it is sad to think Valve was working on a game all this while and it wasn’t Half Life 3, the real salt here is that the upcoming Valve game will be a card game!

Yes you heard that right, Valve sidelined a potential Half Life 3 and put their bets on a card game. While some can say it is better than nothing, we can hear Valve fans groaning already about this new upcoming game.

Not much is known about this game but you can check out the video below from Dota 2 to catch the reveal inside.

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