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Halo 2: Anniversary Expands PC But Not Get Too Excited Yet


343 Industries continue to work on Halo and Halo 2: Anniversary for the Helo: The Master Chief Collection with the latest announcement suggesting that more people could be asked to do the test but don’t get too excited yet.

According to the developer Ring, 1 testing has begun which means external partners will now be included in the testing. We do not know who the developer wants to do the testing with and even if the testing foes on, if things do not go as smoothly as they want, they could go back to Ring 0 and continue to work with internal studio developers first.

If Ring 1 goes well, things should move to Ring 2 which more external partners are included and then Ring 3 where public people would be asked to join in.

We do not know when we will get to try it out but so far, everything seems to be on schedule with the developer. As for the Halo Infinite, it has been confirmed that the game will be released for the Xbox Series X.

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