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Halo 2 Anniversary Finally Available For PC Owners


Halo 2 will finally be available on PC right now. While the game was available when it was launch in 2007, at that time, the game was only available for those with Vista but it is now available to all PC players on Steam and Xbox Game Pass.

The Halo 2: Anniversary Edition will arrive as part of The Master Chief Collection which continues to bring Halo games to PC. Halo 2 will be the third game from the series to arrive on PC and more is set to come in the near future.

Although it is nice for Halo 2 to be available on OC, the game is far from perfect as it is still riddled with bugs but the update will resolve some of the major issues that players have been facing.

Halo fans can also look forward to Halo Infinite which will be arriving later this year on box One and PC as well as the upcoming Xbox Series X console.

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