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Halo 2: Anniversary Master Chief Collection For PC Get More Info


The developer of Halo 2 has been trying to keep their fans updated on what is going on with the game by releasing a new blog post talking about the changes.

According to the post, the Halo 2: Anniversary beta will be coming in with a packed with new challenge system, customization options, theater mode, campaign missions for the PC version. Those that get selected for the early access play session will get to try out those features.

With the new challenge system, players will have a few tasks to complete through the beta testing. For now, there is no word yet of when this challenge system will also be a part of the release or if the progress made will be brought over.

It was also revealed that an all-new Spartan and Elite customization option have been added to the game as well. The theater mode will also be used for keyboard and mouse play.

You can head to their blog to check out all the updates that the developer is ready to talk about right now.

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