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Halo 5: New COVID-19 Relief DLC Announced


To helo with the ongoing relief efforts for COVID-19, Halo 5 developer has announced a new DLC that we will be seeing soon.

The new premium DLC pack is available for purchase. The REQ pack will help support the ongoing relief effort right now. Those that purchase the new pack will get some rare items that can be used in the game’s multiplayer mode. All proceeds will go to Global Giving’s Coronavirus Relief Fund.

The pack will come with five customization items that are ultra-rare, 10 more that are rare and more boost cards. You can buy the pack from now until the 20th of April from Halo 5 or on the Xbox Store.

This is not the first time that is trying to help by selling DLC as Modern Warfare has also brought back their Defender microtransaction which will help with military veterans during these harder times.

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