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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite New Skill Update


Things did look pretty quiet over at Harry Potter: Wizards Unite but it looks like Niantic is not ignoring it as well as the company has just announced a new update for the game.

According to the report, there will be a whole new raft of skill trees for players to unlock so that they can strengthen their skills and abilities.

This update will be accessible to all players over Level 4 regardless of their Profession. SOS Traning will now unlock a new ability called Field Charms that are spells that can be cast on the map itself. This will include Trace Charm, Inn Charm, and the Greenhouse Charm. There are now new Field Charms but on top of that, the SOS skill trees will now unlock buffs to existing abilities including the new Departure Denials that will reduce the change of Foundables fleeing during an encounter.

No word on when the update will be arriving but they did promise that more details will be coming out this month.

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