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Hobbit Game That Could Have Been


Traveler’s Tales, the developer of Lego games was working on a Hobbit game that later got canceled. While we will never see the game get released, the developer of the game is showing off the gameplay to give us all a glimpse at what could have been.

When the Hobbit movies were first announced, Jon Burton, the co-founder of the studio wanted to make a video game for the movie but not the usual Lego game that the studio is known for.

To pitch the game to Peter Jackson and del Toro, they created a demo for six months using Lord of the Rings as a template. In the end, they came out with four fully playable levels and five tech demos as they wanted to show that they can do more than just Lego games.

While Del Tore and Burton was keen on making the game, the higher-ups at Warner Bros shot it down as they want a game that is not tied-in to the movie. Although the game did not work out, it is nice to see how the game could have looked if things went the way they wanted. Check out the video below.

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