The all-new Honda Civic Si is a car made for those that wants more spice from the standard tenth generation Civic but not willing to pay the premium for the range-topping Civic Type R.

On the papers, everything about the Civic Si looks exciting. The car comes with a manual gearbox and it can offer 205hp from a 1.5L turbo-4 engine. The icing on the cake is with the price of the Civic Si. The car retails from $23,900 and this makes it really affordable for its offerings.

But when we got on the vehicle for a test drive around a dealership circuit, we find the car to be underwhelming on the performance front. There are some noticeable lags with the power deliveries and punching the car through a corner can be inconsistent. It feels like the Civic Si is shy on pushing the power to the wheels.

Perhaps, this may have to do with the tuning that gave a lot of thought to daily drivability. Honda did say that the Civic Si can’t have more power as that will ruin its daily drivability. 205hp is just enough for the car to offer an above average performance while returning impressive fuel economy figures.

Well, what Honda has failed to realize that the Civic Si is even worst on the daily. We made a slow attempt around the circuit and our ride is filled with bumps. The suspension is not good enough for in-cabin comfort. The worst part of it all is with the infotainment system which lacks a much-needed knob.

Despite boasting attractive figures, we still feel that the Ford Focus ST and the Volkswagen Golf GTI would do a better job at offering the most fun on a daily driver.

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