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Honda Clarity Kicked Out As Honda Shifts Focus


Honda is looking to work on new EV models for the future and because of that, they have decided to kill off the Honda Clarity EV model.

With the Honda Clarity EV gone, Honda will have no EV models to offer in the US but that will only be for a while as Honda added that they are still working on more next-gen EV models that we will be seeing in the future.

As for those already leasing the Honda Clarity Electric can still request for an extension. While the Honda Clarity EV will be taken out from the lineup, the plug-in hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell models will still be offered.

The removal of the Honda Clarity actually makes a lot of sense that the electric model has not been doing as well as the other two options. The vehicle’s short electric range was a huge disadvantage, especially when compared to its rivals in the market that has much more range to offer.

Author:Michelle Kade

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