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Honda E EV Hatch Almost Came To The US?


For now, the only markets that Honda is offering their Honda E EV hatchback model in Europe but according to Honda, they originally wanted the EV model to be released here in the US as well.

According to Kohei Hitomi, the project leader for Honda E, he is dissapointed that the Honda E did not make it into the US. He added that he wanted to see it happen but three years ago, Honda came to the conclusion that they will not sell it in the US as they were worried that it would not be accepted due to the lack of demand.

Well, they might have been right as hatchback models generally do not do too well here in the US but EVs have been getting a lot of attention recently so it is hard to say what might have happened.

The Honda E will be sold in Germany with a base price of $37,680.

Author:Michelle Kade

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