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Honda Skyroom Concept Gives Us A Peek Into The Future


It seems like there is no escaping the fact that future vehicles will run on batteries and will drive themselves. While we can’t be certain when that will be happening exactly, some automakers already have a concept to show us how it might look like.

The latest concept was created by design Dahye Jeong showing off what he is calling the Skyroom concept which is said to be all about versatility and comfort. The vehicle will be powered by an electric powertrain and since driving is not needed, the interior has been made to be spacious and fun with circular sofa or bed and can be moved around depending on the need of the users.

While it might look small, it does feel spacious on the inside possibly because of the windshield design and the panoramic glass roof.

Of course, it might take years before we actually see something like this on the road but it does make us excited.

Author:Michelle Kade

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