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Honda Takes Part In COVID-19 War


Many companies have been looking for a way to assist their country in battling the COVID-19 pandemic and fore Honda, they have chosen to update their minivans so that it can transport COVID-19 patients

Honda modified 50 units of their minivans to transport the COVID-19 patients to hospital and quarantine facilities in Japan. The vehicle’s rear section was sealed off so that the driver can be safe.

They also updated the air conditioning system to allow fresh air to enter from the front near the base of the windshield wiper and pass through the rear passenger area though the vents and exit from the back as well.

So far, two vehicles have already been delivered with more expected to come soon. Honda will also consider making more if there is a need for it. Toyota are also looking to modify their JPN Taxi in transport for those infected.

Author:Michelle Kade

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