This needs to be taken with a grain of salt, but someone who has claimed to have tested the HTC 10 is passing an extremely favorable verdict on the new flagship.

Reported by Phone Arena, the hands-on review of the product comes from a list of tweets from the anonymous tester. If it proves true, then HTC would have finally lived up to its promises, unlike what happened for the HTC One M9.

The more skeptical among us would point out that this ‘tester’ is probably from the HTC marketing team, given how outlandish some of the claims are.

As a matter of fact, one could go as far as saying that all the ‘leaks’ of the HTC 10 prior to this are actually part of one big marketing ploy from the Taiwanese tech company.

Anyway, back to the tester. The claim of “HTC Sense 8.0 [being] close to stock Android, fastest and smoothest” sounds a bit far-fetched, similar to “it’s the best battery life of any phone I have owned”.

This tester points out some obvious points that can be taken from the leaked images and renders of the HTC 10, such as its dual speaker system having one front-facing unit at the forehead of the phone and the other being bottom-facing, or the design that makes it “a worth successor to the M7”

Anyway, whether or not this tester is real hardly matters as the HTC 10 is super duper close to an unveiling. We’ll find out first-hand in a few hours.

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