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Hyundai Prophecy Concept To Be Given The Thumbs Up!


We were supposed to have a good look at the Hyundai Prophecy concept at Geneva Motor Show but that got canceled and later on, the concept was shown on and it did get some positive response for the fans.

Well, with the kind of response, it made sense that Hyundai would want to do more with it. It was confirmed this week that the Prophecy and 45 concepts will be heading into production with the 45 production model to come first followed by the Prophecy.

While the 45 will have a new design inspired by the 1970s while the Prophecy will be inspired by the 1930s so we should expect to see to vehicles that had a very different kind of design and style.

It was also added that the production version of the Prophecy should become the next-gen Ioniq which is set to arrive in 2021 while the production version of the 45 concepts should make a debut this year.

Author:Michelle Kade

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