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Infiniti Project Black S Might Come To The US


Infiniti showed off a Q60 Project Black S in the US at the Geneva Motor Show a few years ago. The vehicle combines both the Renault Formula One tech with Infiniti’s knowledge and while the vehicle did get a lot of attention, we did not hear much of it after that until last year where they showed off an updated version at the Paris Auto Show and now it looks like we might actually be seeing it in the real world.

When asked if there is any possibility that the vehicle will be made into a production vehicle, Jeff Pope, the vice president of the Americas reported that they are open to the idea and that it would be nice to have it as a limited edition model.

Of course, this is just his opinion and even if they do decide to make it happen, it will be years before we actually see something from them. Would you like to see the Infiniti Project Black S turned into a production model?

Author:Michelle Kade

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