We got to see how the upcoming Infiniti QX80 production model will look like when it arrives thanks to the released of the QX80 Monograph concept that Infiniti showed off at the New York Auto Show last year.

While we do not expect the production model to be an exact copy of the concept, we are expecting to see some of the design features make its way over to the production QX80. Well, we will know for sure what will make it over soon as Infiniti announce that the production model will be making its debut at the Dubai Auto Show this year.

Before that happens, Infiniti released a few teaser to get us excited over what is to come. Based on what we can see, it looks like the car will not get the aggressive design that the concept got. Although most of the features have been toned down, the concept is still there.

The new model should be coming with the same 5.6-liter V8 engine with 400hp but some people believe that the vehicle might offer more when the time comes.

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