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IO Interactive Already Looking At The Next Hitman


The current Hitman game did pretty well and from the looks of it, the developer, IO Interactive is already ready to move on to the next Hitman game.

In their latest blog post, it was revealed that the team for Hitman 2 has already transitioned to working on the next Hitman game. The post also reveals that the development for the new title is already underway but that was all the details the developer was willing to give at this point.

With the current Hitman 2 already being around for more than a year and with the developer constantly pushing out new content, it made sense that they would be ready to move on to the next game. The next update for Hitman 2 will be arriving on the 19th of November and it will be the final major patch that the game will be getting although there will still be more content coming in the future as IO Interactive remains committed to the game.

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