Users of the latest 9.7-inch iPad Pro have been stunned to find that instead of improving their tablets, the latest iOS 9.3.2 update from Apple has been (soft) bricking their devices, rendering them totally unusable.

This comes after iOS 9.3 update which had adversely affected many Apple devices. The company sought to deal with the issues via the 9.3.2 build, but seems to have taken the problem further for users.

While Cupertino has acknowledged this bricking problem, the company has so far only suspended the seeding of iOS 9.3.2 to other iPad Pro users. Those who have had their tablets bricked are still waiting on a remedy from Apple, which has not yet been forthcoming.

The update problems have been reported by users on Reddit for about a week now, and while many users have taken to say that their iPad Pro units have been bricked by the latest iOS build, some of them can still restore the software via iTunes DFU.

Given how loosely the term ‘bricked’ is being used, we can’t really ascertain the extent of the damage iOS 9.3.2 has brought upon their devices. Some are faced with an ‘Error 56’ code which is actually a hardware issue that warrants a replacement from Apple, while others are unable restore their devices at all.

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