Chen, a Chinese woman, was fast asleep when she was rudely awaken by a cracking sound at about 2am. In confusion, she looked around the room only to see her iPhone 7 Plus that was on her pillow shooting out smoke.

Thankfully, Chen was quick to react and swiftly threw the Apple device on the ground. It was then that the device caught on fire for about three minutes.

Although Chen and no one else was hurt during the incident, she is still upset that this would happen to her one-month old device.

The owner brought the device back to the retail shop where she made the purchase; however, she was told that she will not be able to get a refund until the actual cause has been determined.

Chen has no other choice but to resort to purchasing a new device. But, the disappointed owner has made it clear that she will never purchase another iPhone until Apple can guarantee that the device will not explode into fireworks.

She said, “Even if they decide to give me a brand-new iPhone, I won’t accept it until they can provide guarantees that something like this won’t happen again.”

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