The iPhone 7S isn’t here yet. It is expected to be but if the current market predictions are accurate it may be too late.

For the first time ever, Samsung appears to be set to beat Apple’s earnings this quarter. Analysts have pegged Samsung’s profits to be $11.5 billion and Apple to be expected at $10.49 billion.

Now of course many can argue that Samsung manufactures a host of products while Apple is somewhat limited. But that still doesn’t take from the limelight this achievement should it happen.

The iPhone 7S is of course expected to launch very soon but depending on when that is exactly and how soon it goes up for preorder. Of course the iPhone 7S preorder is expected to be in the millions, which should be enough to tip the scales.

What do you think will happen? Will the iPhone 7S preorder train be enough to save Apple’s long running achievement against Samsung or is it too late?

Staff Reporter

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