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Jaguar Land Rover Don’t Believe In Large EV SUV?


Jaguar has made it pretty clear that electrification will be a big part of their future but it looks like one model that we might not see coming from them is a large EV SUV.

Jaguar Land Rover’s engineering boss Nick Rogers explains that the bigger the vehicle is, the bigger the challenge it will be in terms of aero and that if they do not think it through, the end result will be a vehicle with so big a battery that the vehicle will end up being too heavy.

While he does not think EV is the answer for large SUVs, he seems to think that the fuels cell could be the answer here.

So far, Jaguar Land Rover has already shown off their Jaguar I-Pace and is now working on electrifying the XJ as well. We are also set to see more EV SUVs coming from the other automakers.

Author:Michelle Kade

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