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Jeep Regrets Decision To Bring Renegade To Australia


The Jeep Renegade was brought over to Australia five years ago but it looks like Jeep might have realized that it is not the smartest move as they decided to remove the vehicle from their Australian lineup.

According to CarAdvice, the Jeep Renegade will be leaving the Australia market but this might not be the end of it as it was added that the vehicle could make a comeback in the future if it comes commercially viable.

Only 70 units of the Jeep Renegade were sold in Australia last year. Powered by a 1.3-liter turbo gasoline engine and an electric motor, the Renegade was able to offer 237hp and will only need 7 seconds to go from 0-62mph. On electricity alone, it is able to travel about 31miles.

With the Renegade model now gone, the Compass will now be their entry-level model. What do you think of Jeep’s decision to kill off the Renegade in Australia?

Author:Michelle Kade

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