Jeep is facing a rough patch this year in becoming a top international brand for FCA, following five consecutive years of achieving record sales.

Despite having ten assembly factories across six countries, Jeep’s operations in the United States will be going through a major restructuring, consisting of at least three plants. This will also include some current and upcoming models such as the new compact Compass and Wrangler.

On top of that, the company will also be retooling the Sterling Heights Assembly Plant so that it would be capable of producing the next-gen Ram 1500 pickup, expected to be released in January next year.

Global Jeep and Ram head, Mike Manley, disclosed to The Detroit News that, “It’s a complex series of moves…There’s no doubt on the industrial side it’s going to be a very challenging year.”

Recently, the company managed to record 1.4 million sales in 2016 and it is aiming to achieve about 2 million sales by next year. That said, if any of FCA’s multiple simultaneous launch or reshuffle plans are pushed back, it could end up ruining Jeep’s international sales record run which could lead to affecting the automaker’s profits.

Sergio Marchionne, FCA’s CEO, stated that, “We have made all the industrial decisions that need to be made to make the ’18 numbers…Our objective here is to execute flawlessly on decisions that have been made now in the last three years.”

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