This isn’t a comparison of each actor’s ability on the silver screen as they are fantastic artists in their own right, but in the whole debate of whether Ben Affleck did justice to the Caped Crusader little has been said on the imagining of Alfred Pennyworth by Zack Snyder.

Even those who have not seen the movie would know from the trailers that the trusted butler played by Jeremy Irons is very different from the doting character played by Michael Caine in Christopher Nolan’s rendition of Batman.

Unlike the Alfred from Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, this latest one cranks up the sass and is more of a hard-knuckled and tech-savvy aide to Bruce Wayne than a voice-of-reason guardian who tugs at audiences’ heart strings.

This take on the role is balanced by a more intense, vengeance-driven Batman who contrasts the more contemplative and even-tempered hero who garbles his words instead of using a voice-altering microphone.

So, do you prefer the Alfred Pennyworth portrayed by Jeremy Irons in Batman v Superman or the one played by Michael Caine in the Dark Knight trilogy?

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