For as long as we know, the grille has always been an important part of the vehicle’s identity but since the new electric cars won’t need the grille to help cool things off, it made sense that they would want to remove it.

Kia was at CES this year where they showed off the new Kia Niro EV concept. While it is called the Niro, the vehicle did come with a lot of design upgrades. One of the biggest upgrades was the removal of the grille. In its place now is an interactive display panel that can display different messages like “Hello, CES”.

Other upgrades include a new set of headlights, new front bumper, redesigned rear end and more. Kia also made a few changes to the interior of the vehicle. Unlike the standard Niro, the interior of the Niro EV is more minimalist and digital.

The vehicle will be powered by a 64kWh lithium-polymer battery that will offer about 201hp and a range of 238miles. The vehicle will be made into a production model but no word on when the vehicle will be arriving.

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