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Kia Optima To Finally Get Its Real Name?


While the Kia Optima has been known as a Kia Optima here in the US, it is called the Kia K5 over in South Korea but new reports are now suggesting that Kia might put the US version the same name.

According to Korean Car Blog, Kia is looking to replace the Optima name with K5 for their global markets includes the US. It was later added by Motor1 that Kia was given the K5 trademark back in 2012 and again this year.

There were also talks about them possibly updated their logo. However, Kia has no step forward to confirm or deny anything at this point.

The new Kia K5 will be arriving in Korea this month and will come with a longer and wider body and a lower height. Do you think changing the name is necessary for the Optima?

Author:Michelle Kade

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