The Kia Sportage was released back in 2015 and after being around for a few years, we were all expecting Kia to give it a facelift.

Although we will still have to wait a little longer before the facelifted Kia Sportage is officially unveiled, these new spy shots should give us a rough idea of what to expect from Kia this year.

The Kia Sportage was heavily covered in the front and back which suggest that most of the changes will only be happening in those areas. Based on what we can make out, the daytime running lights will no longer be in the side intakes but it will be fitted into the headlights now.

The front bumper design would be upgraded and so well the interior and list of safety features. No word on whether the engine will be upgraded or not but there were talks about the Sportage possibly getting a hybrid engine when it arrives later this year.

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