The first film, Kingsman: The Secret Service was pretty much a surprise treat. Not many expected it to do as well as it did, so it does make sense that a sequel is in the works.

Called Kingsman: The Golden Circle, this follow-up is going to introduce a number of new members to the ensemble that has more of an American flavor.

British actors Taron Egerton, Mark Strong, and Colin Firth will return as for the sequel, but some notable names are joining the fun.

The American names joining the cast are Julianne Moore (Hannibal), Halle Berry (Monster’s Ball), and Pedro Pascal (Game of Thrones) and Channing Tatum (21 Jump Street).

Tatum is perhaps the most exciting new addition to the film, given his impressive portfolio with action flicks. His critically-acclaimed performance in Foxcatcher proves that he can also bring another dynamic besides a high-octane performance.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is set for release on June 16, 2017.

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