The Land Rover Defender boasts a legacy paralleled by few, so it’s rather disheartening to see it go. But hopes have rekindled as Land Rover has been reported to stuff a new model in the pipeline that is expected to come out in 2019.

Are those hopes about to be dashed? According to Auto Evolution, the commercial viability of the next-generation Defender is under scrutiny and it doesn’t look too bright for the off-road SUV.

At this point the next Defender is thought to be able to sell 50,000 units annually, but Land Rover apparently wants 100,000.

Numerous reports have said that the next model would share no design similarities with the DC100 concept, extinguishing prior speculations of that possibility. Right now the guesses mostly point to a very modern and upmarket styling direction for the SUV. Its off-road capabilities also remain top priority.

How Land Rover plans to achieve those two aims while selling an affordable vehicle is still a mystery. Perhaps that’s why it’s still tied up in the approval process. On top of all the aforementioned, there is the matter of retaining its fundamental look to please long-time fans, which is why a 2019 arrival seems a tad too optimistic.

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