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League Of Legends Dev Going Back To Their Roots?


It looks like Riot Games is looking to go back to where they are back on familiar grounds as the developer announced that they will be working on a new tabletop game.

Called Tellstones: King’s Gambit, the game is based on the game in Runeterra and it will also set their fans up for the upcoming Legends of Runeterra.

Overall, the new game will be a bluffing game that is all about lying and deceiving their opponents. We know that the game will support two to four players but the details of the game is still a major mystery at this point.

No word on when the game will be arriving as well. The last time Riot Games came out with a tabletop game, it was back in 2016 and the developer has since reveal that they are working on more but did not disclose any other important information.

We are also expecting to see more League of Legends game coming our way.

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