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Lexus ES 300h Europe Will Get Tech That The US Won’t


Lexus will be offering one of their latest tech in Europe and those living in the US can forget about seeing it at least in the near future.

It was announced that when the Lexus ES 300h arrives, it will be offered with the optional digital side-view camera and monitor. This is already something that Lexus has been offering in Japan but it looks like they feel it is time to bring it over now.

The side-view mirrors will be replaced by camera stalks which will then feed images to the display on the inside. The camera will come with a few weatherproofing features like the heaters, demisters and light sensors.

The camera will also show an extended view of the driver when the turn signal is activated. Drivers can adjust the angle of the cameras. The tech is still being tested and discussed by the NHTSA so there is no word on when we will be seeing it here in the US.

Author:Michelle Kade

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