It takes a lot to challenge Audi but Lexus is looking to do that with their future models. The Lexus LF-1 Limitless concept SUV shown off at the Detroit Auto Show will give us a taste of what Lexus has planned for the future.

2017 was not the best year for Lexus has the automaker suffered a 7.6% drop in sales in the US. Lexus thinks that their new futuristic plans could help them win back the hearts of their US customers.

The exterior design of the concept is certainly head-turning but that was not all. Lexus also shone some light on their “Chauffeur mode” semi-autonomous hands-off driving capabilities. The concept was also fitted with a navigation technology that is able to anticipate the driver’s destination based on this driving habits and history. With that, the system can provide the driver with information like hotel recommendations and other services in the area.

We do not know when we will actually see these on the road but it certainly looks like Lexus is working to step up their game to compete with automakers like Audi.

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