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Lexus Wants To Pay More Attention To Performance


Lexus took the cover off the 2021 Lexus IS model which was very impressive but that is not going to the last new updated Lexus model that we will be seeing.

According to Lexus, they are looking to focus on the performance of their vehicles now as they work to focus on a new standard of performance and handling. The goal here is to offer new Lexus model that is more refined, balanced, and confident.

We have also seen Toyota focusing more on their performance with the GR brand and TRD models and we should be seeing these changes happening on the side of Lexus as well.

Lexus also explain that this all will mean linear steering, brake responses, optimized handling, and more. As for when we will be seeing these updated models, we will just have to wait and see.

Author:Michelle Kade

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