LG is venturing away from its traditional ways by equipping the upcoming LG G6 with a non-removable battery. According to CNet, an insider revealed that this move was necessary as the G6 is a water-resistant device.

LG had previously hinted that the G6 would be water-resistant and this new detail adds credibility to this assumption. Although we’re sure not many will be happy to hear that LG has jumped on the oh-so-frustrating bandwagon of non-removable batteries.

The report also stated that the LG G6 device will be equipped with the Snapdragon 821 and not the newer Snapdragon 835. This is because Samsung had already called dibs on them for its latest Galaxy S8.

Aside that, LG’s newest device is reported to be featuring Google Assistant along with a unique 5.7-inch display. We say unique as it has a unusual 1440×2880 pixel resolution.

Expect to hear all about the LG G6 next month, February 26 to be precise, at the MWC 2017. The device is slated to be hitting the US shelves some time in March.

Are you excited for the arrival of LG’s latest and probably greatest?

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