We have been getting so many leaked and new information about upcoming smartphones and the next one to be leaked is the upcoming LG G7 smartphone.

It was initially thought that LG would also announce their device at the Mobile World Congress this year but that did not happen. It was later rumored that LG would be working on a brand new phone build from scratch.

Now, new reports are saying that the new device will be announced next month before being released in May. There were also talks that LG could be offering two LG G7 this year, a standard version on the LG G7 Plus just like Samsung.

Both smartphones will most likely come with the Snapdragon 845 chip and it could have the same Apple iPhone X notch in the front. We still do not know how LG is going to separate the LG G7 and the LG G7 Plus but most people believe that it will most likely be the size of the device and the RAM.

It is also believed that the LG G7 will be coming with a bigger price tag this time.

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