Somewhere in Q4 this year, LG is expected to launch their next major product and it is the sequel to the v20, the V30. The V20 has failed to continue on the uptrend that started with the V10 and the aim of the V30 is to fix this.

LG has already found themselves going in the right direction after launching the G6 hence we can expect some great things to come with the future V30. Today, the first clue what the V30 will have to offer surfaced online and it confirms on the application of OLED.

The V30 will be the first phone from LG to do away with LCDs and it will rely on OLED. For years already, LG has been supplying OLED displays in the tech world and it is about time for them to finally sell their technology with their products.

The OLED panels will give the V30 a brand new look and it will also help improve on the phone’s battery life. The change to OLED will also be applied on future LG products.

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