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Magic: Legends Is Just Diablo In Deck-Building Form?


More details of the upcoming Magic: Legends were revealed this week. The action RPG game was initially announced at The Game Awards and now the fans are learning more about what the game will have to offer.

From what we have seen so far, Magic: Legends might turn out to be a game similar to what Diablo is offering. Players will be given a customizable deck that is used to determine the spells your use and colored mana pools to cast them.

Each deck will have 12 cards and players can hold 4 speels at one time. When you use one car, it will get replaced with another card from the deck. Players can choose to mix up the color as the mana will generate proportionately to the colors of your deck.

The game will be built by Cryptic Studios and Perfect World. Fans can sign up now if they would like to try out the beta version of the game.

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