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Mario Maker 2 Update Will Let You Play As Link


Super Mario Maker 2 will be getting the version 2.0 update this week. The update will come with a few new courses including a power-up that will let players play as Link from Zelda.

With the Master Sword power-up, Mario will be able to transform into Link. Of course, Master Sword can only be used in the class Super Mario Bros game style.

Link will be able to use various other weapons and skills. His sword can defeat enemies while his shield can be used to deflect Thwomps and incoming attacks. He can also use bombs to destroy blocks or fire arrows at coins.

The update will also bring in a few new enemies including Pokey and Spike. There are also the new frozen coins that can be thawed out using fire. The update will be arriving on the 5th of December.

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