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Marvel’s Avengers Team Was Ready For The Wrath Of The Fans


Avengers fans made it clear that they were not happy about the way the heroes designed in the Marvel’s Avengers game but the developers expected that to happen from the start.

The first trailer for the game clearly shown that the characters will not be modeled after the actors and actresses in the much from looks to costumes. According to Shaun Escayg, creative director of the game, they know that it would be hard as the Marvel Cinematic Universe has already established themself but he pointed out that people were not happy with them as well when the first movies were released.

However, it does look like the developers are working to meet fans have way as the latest videos do seem to show the characters wearing costumes that are closer to what the movies had.

The new Marvel’s Avengers game will be released on the 15th of May on PS4, Xbox One, and PC next year.

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